Hundred Islands Transient Houses!

Hundred Islands is a sure way toward a great adventure.

Breath taking island hopping, snorkeling, cliff jumping, various natural caves, kayaking and other various activities can be done in this more than a hundred islands.

In lieu with such a wonderful events. We at Love Ko Hundred Islands wanted to provide a safe and secure accommodation for you guys. Hence we have selected houses/inns that meats our requirements.

Below are the houses/inn that we have chosen in which all and all can accommodate roughly 120-150 guests daily.

Click Image To ENLARGE!

All of its rooms are air conditioned with clean beds (king size), sheets and pillows and clean comfort rooms (toiletries are not included). Have kitchen area with complete utensils (pan, pot, knife, gas range/gasul, spoons, forks, plates and glasses) and dining table. It has TV too and fridge.

The good thing as well is that all of which are 5 minute walk away from Lucap Wharf and each has a safe parking space.

Above all there’s no history of lost belongings or any theft of any kind may it be from food, slippers, gadgets et cetera et cetera simply because all of them are personally chosen by this blogs founder. Have seen and felt their service gaining respect and confidence on our part.


The main house has a  huge balcony and it has kitchen area (with complete utensils) and fridge per floor. Wifi on the process. Click the article below to view its full info.

Love Ko Anawangin Tie Up With Hundred Islands Transient House!

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Hundred Islands Tour Package For Two!

Hundred Islands Tour Package For Four Pax

Team Building Hundred Islands Tour Package With Van Service

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