Increase Of House/Inn/Hotel Rates (March – May) At Hundred Islands

There are lots of changes here at Hundred Islands for the past few months. Corals areas are cleaned, nipas have been eroded which will be replaced by concrete ones (hope to finish by summer 2014) aiming to really showcase the First National Park of the country.

Hundred Islands Transient House -
Hundred Islands Transient Houses

Amidst, these changes please be aware that this coming March to May, Hundred Islands Transient House/Inns (not sure with hotels but normally they do as well) will increase their rates which ranges around Php1,000.00  per room or Php1,500.00 per house from their normal rates but would depend on the kind of house/inn/hotel. Some increases up to Php500.00 while others are higher. It’s best to check out images or videos to have a birds eye view what to expect. I guess each owner value their efforts and or services differently.

Please note that this is not an urgency on the part of owners or travel organizers/agencies but its more of peak season. In essence it’s actually more of a tradition that during these months (Mar-May) there’s a huge jump of their rates.

Hence, during these months it’s always an advantage getting a hundred islands tour package way ahead of time. I’m sure you guys will appreciate early process once you’re here.

Noted image in this post are the ones we at Love Ko Hundred Islands normally send quests.

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2 thoughts on “Increase Of House/Inn/Hotel Rates (March – May) At Hundred Islands”

  1. Quick update: there have been rigorous cleaning and beautification in this place and I know you guys will surely love the place even more.

    Corals we’re cleaned, nipas’ have been eroded, Quezon Island Pavilions we’re beautified and so on and so forth.

    By the way, did you know how many caves at hundred islands that have been identified or at least you’ve been or wanna be?

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