Why Choose Us?

What’s our difference? 

1st, We have a different and more adventurous tour compared with others. No need to waste your time as well waiting in line at lucap wharf boat terminal. We’re legally bypassing the boat terminal. Saving your time so you can have more time with your family, companion and friends. Plus, our boatmen are Cliffords’ friends and or personally chosen by him. Looking for professionals? You’re in the right place!

We have our own boat association which is the best among the 3 motorboat groups. Hassle free waiting in line! 

Note: Boat reservation alone  is now illegal as per new 2015 mandate.

Our Main House
Our Main House

2nd, We support locals, small businesses / entrepreneurs. Aside from our Main House at Lucap Wharf, we send our guests to small houses/inns who’s  owners are pure locals. Same goes at bolinao , anawangin etc. We share the blessings to them so that they too, will grow.There is only growth if the locals around are growing too. Let us be a blessing to them.

3rd, Google trusts and is referring usNo wonder our love ko anawangin blog is currently at Page 1 in Google. You see, even google can’t ignore us! Google trusted us so much that’s why we’re highly recommended.

4th, We promote value not price. We do offer promos lowering our price but not jeopardizing our friends (espc boatmen) service to the point of choking them. If you felt bad for receiving a low wage for something you have worked for. Please don’t pass the feeling.

5th, We follow the standard rates for the boat services whether in hundred islands, anawangin, or any other areas where boat services is a must. Sometimes we pay even more. Knowing that they’re paid accordingly makes your getaway more meaningful and added value to your experience. Many of you may think of or get a cheaper rates but we advise you to ask yourselves “With this rate, am I helping decent jobs for the boatmen? Is this ALL WIN – WIN situation?” Hence “The largest portion in the pie are given to them (boatmen, guides,driver and van owners etc) not the organization/business.” 

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40 thoughts on “Why Choose Us?”

  1. Hi there! We’re planning for a 3D/2N trip in hundred islands on dec 20 onwards or 1st week of january.. can you please send me your package rates..we’re from manila approx 5-6pax. Thanks a lot! ☺

  2. Hi! Do you have tour packages for four people? We’re planning to stay for three days and two nights. Is this possible? Will appreciate an email. 🙂

    Thank you!

  3. hi, can you please send a sample quote to my mail? We’re planning to take the tour this weekend (if possible), 6 pax. Thank you.

  4. Kindly send me a quotaion. Target date is on April 5,2015. (2days/1night). 2 to 5 persons. And send me the prices of diffrent activities that we should experience. Thanks

  5. Please send me quotes for 2 nights and three days Hundred island tour for 30 adults and 20 children. Pls include hotel/restaurant, transportation, kayaking, paddleboarding and boating.

    Date: april 10, 11, 12……2016.

    Thank you.

  6. Kindly send me a quotaion. Target date is on april 16-17,2016. (2days/1night). 2 persons. And send me the prices of diffrent activities that we should experience. Thanks

  7. Hi, we would like to inquire about your package tour for Hundred Island. We wish to stay for 2D/1N. What is your accredited hotel?resort? What includes on your package. How much per person? We want to travel on 31Aug-1Sept (4person).

For faster response, after commenting here, SEND A DIRECT email at lovekoanawangin@gmail.com using your email. Please include your contact number. We'll respond within a day. Queries on Sundays shall be addressed the following day. At least 1-2 week reservation.Thanks!

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